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Finding slow queries in SQL Server

When you want to optimise your app, one of the most important things is to find your slowest database queries, to see if indexes are missing, or the queries should be rewritten. SQL Server stores statistics for its queries in … Continue reading

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Using database transactions with Apache Camel

Just put an example of using database transactions with Apache Camel on github: https://github.com/hedleyproctor/camel-transaction-example It is based on the example given at the start of Chapter 12 of “Camel In Action”, but using database transactions, rather than a JMS transaction. … Continue reading

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NoSQL databases, scaling and Project Voldemort

At the moment there is a lot of discussion of NoSQL databases. Rather than referring to a single thing, this term is more of a catch-all that refers to a number of different non-relational database designs. In fact, it is … Continue reading

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