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Hiding table columns with jQuery

A nice example of hiding a table column using jQuery is here: That example shows how to hide a single column. How might you do it if you have a row of tickboxes, one for each column? Here is … Continue reading

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Printing Ant classpaths

Debugging Ant classpaths can be a bit of a pain, but the following link shows you how to print them out: Even better, you can do a pretty version using:

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jQuery – SelectorGadget and interactive tester

One of the fundamental features of the jQuery javascript library is its powerful selectors, that allow you to find elements in the DOM tree using CSS syntax. However, it can be annoying if you are writing some code and your … Continue reading

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varchar and text data types in MySQL

Do you know the difference between the varchar and text types in MySQL? Up until MySQL 5.0.3, the varchar data type could only hold up to 255 characters, but from 5.0.3 onwards, it can store up to 65,535, which means … Continue reading

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