One of the technologies I’ve been playing around with recently is the Groovy language. It’s an interesting language as it offers a number of features not found in Java. Some of the these are features of the language itself, some are just additional libraries.

Some of the language features are:

  • No need for getters and setters.
  • Closures
  • Mixins
  • Native lists and maps
  • Native regular expressions
  • Native support for markup languages like HTML or XML
  • Native interaction with Java.

and some of the library features are:

  • Simplified file IO.
  • Simplified database and SQL usage.
  • Simplified XML parsing.
  • Better support for configuration files with the ConfigSlurper class.
  • Built in support for creating mocks and stubs for testing purposes.

If you haven’t already played around with Groovy, I’d strongly encourage you to take a look. The main website is:

You can get the Eclipse plugin from:

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