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NoSQL databases, scaling and Project Voldemort

At the moment there is a lot of discussion of NoSQL databases. Rather than referring to a single thing, this term is more of a catch-all that refers to a number of different non-relational database designs. In fact, it is … Continue reading

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Cool Groovy features 4 – Mixins

A mixin is a way of inheriting methods from a class without the problems associated with multiple inheritance. Groovy supports both compile time and runtime mixins. Compile time mixins Supported with the @Mixin annotation. First define the class that will … Continue reading

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Closures in Java?

There has been discussion about including closures in Java for a few years now. They are already in languages like Groovy, Ruby and Scala, so the lack of Java closures makes Java look a bit tired. However, I didn’t realize … Continue reading

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