Comparing two MySQL databases

When doing development, you’ll often have multiple versions of a database on different environments and sometimes it would be useful to be able to check the differences between the data. Did you know you can use the Toad database tool to compare two databases? Simply go to Tools -> Compare -> Data:

The next screen will ask you to map the tables from the first database to those in the second. If you are comparing databases with the same schema, you can simply select “Map all”. Then Toad will analyse the differences and give you a report which tells you how many rows are the same in each table, how many have been removed and how many added:

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2 Responses to Comparing two MySQL databases

  1. Jacob says:

    You can do this very easily with dbForge Studio for MySQL or dbForge Data/Schema Compare tools.

  2. Peter says:

    You can compare data, schemas, and synchronize them using dbForge Studio for MySQL or dbForge Data Compare + dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL.

    Database Explorer -> hold the CTRL key -> New Schema Comparison -> on the Comparison menu, click New Schema Comparison -> open a project and in the Project Explorer window, right-click the top node of the project tree. Select the New Schema Comparison option from the menu -> click the Type fields and select what you are going to compare (two schemas or a schema and a project) from the drop-down lists -> in the Connection fields, type or select the names of MySQL Server(s) connections required for comparison -> select the names of the required databases -> Compare.

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