I’m a developer at ICE InsureTech, where I work on an enterprise insurance claims application based on a GWT, Spring, Hibernate stack.

I’m interested in Java enterprise frameworks, web frameworks, databases and persistence, automated testing, code modularity and modern languages such as Groovy and Scala.

For a more detailed bio, please see my LinkedIn page:


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  1. Jean-Pierre says:

    Many thanks for your post about xpath and selenium. You allowed me to use FirePath which greatly helped me understand how XPath works. I was able to get done something a bit cumbersome. But then I came back to yourpost and saw your use of descendant:: which helped me improve my xpath expressions in order to get them more readible and more robust to html change.

    Many many thanks!

    Oh, and here is my refined xpath just to show how helpful you were:

    //div[contains(concat(‘ ‘, normalize-space(@class), ‘ ‘), ‘ loginSelectContainer ‘)]//table/tbody[tr/td/text()[contains(.,’utilisateur’)]]/descendant::input[@type=’image’][@name[contains(.,’$select’)]]

    It aims at an input zone ‘near’ a certain label, all within a table. ‘Near’ is sometimes in the same tr and sometimes in a subsequent tr. You saved my day!

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