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Memory leak with Spring integration test context caching

I’ve recently had to debug another out of memory with our Spring integration tests. The tests are configured to create a heapdump on out of memory so I loaded it up with the Eclipse Memory Analyser and this is what … Continue reading

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Enforcing Spring role based security with a custom PMD rule

Spring makes it easy to have role based security with its @PreAuthorize annotation. But how do you make sure that developers remember to add a security annotation? I like using PMD to do static analysis checks on our code and … Continue reading

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Testing Camel routes with Spring OSGi properties

If you are writing Camel routes using Spring to deploy to ServiceMix, you can’t use regular Spring properties, since ServiceMix is an OSGi container. Instead, you have to use OSGi properties. But if you try to start up your Spring … Continue reading

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Running Struts 1 actions from Spring

I’ve now successfully updated our app so that the Struts 1 actions can be run from Spring. The method was pretty much as I originally described, but there are a few gotchas, so I’ll detail it: Use the Spring ContextLoaderPlugin … Continue reading

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Migrating from Struts to Spring MVC – using Groovy!

To migrate from Struts 1 to Spring MVC, the easiest route is: Add the Spring ContextLoaderPlugin to your struts-config file. This plugin will load your bean definitions file. Update struts-config so that rather than using the default Struts request processor … Continue reading

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Spring MVC versus Struts

This question is often asked, but tends to be answered by people who have a strong allegiance to Spring and tend to give a massive list of advantages, which often boil down to a much smaller list of actual advantages. … Continue reading

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