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Effective Selenium testing

Selenium is the de facto standard for testing web applications. In this article I’m going to cover a number of techniques for improving your Selenium tests. The article is suitable for you if: You already know the basics of Selenium … Continue reading

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Using Java to download a file that needs authentication

You can easily download files using Java by making a URLConnection. However, if you need to login before accessing the file, how can do this automatically? If you automate the login, how will the code that makes the URLConnection be … Continue reading

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Automating Selenium testing with TestNG, Ant and CruiseControl

If you are using Selenium for web testing, most likely you’ll want to make your tests as automated as possible so that they can be run automatically on a regular basis. You can do this by using a few additional … Continue reading

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Tutorial: Writing XPath selectors for Selenium tests

Selenium is the most commonly used web testing framework. It allows you to write tests in Java that can perform standard “web” actions such as filling in forms, clicking buttons etc. Usually, a test will take the following form: Open … Continue reading

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